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Hello everyone. Thank you for visiting my website. I've been meaning to get this off the ground for some time and partly due to the coronavirus pandemic (2020) I've been able to give it a little focus and attention.


I arrive at this point, having been involved in a professional sense in the music business since 2007/2008. To pick-up on the football phrase, it's a game of two halves and so my life has been in many respects, having spent the first 26 years of my working life in the 'rat race', progressing up to a senior business manager position with a high street bank. I then suffered a serious and largely unexplained heart attack at the 'tender' age of 44 which proved to be a pivotal moment in my life. In taking stock of "life, the universe and everything" (thanks Douglas Adams), I resolved to make a full 180 degree turn and move into the music business, initially setting up the Rocksector Records label.

I spent several years developing the label, at its' peak releasing around one album per month, before making a shift in focus to the management side. I now manage two principal artists - Blaze Bayley and Absolva (plus Fury UK on long-time hiatus), whilst continuing to run two labels mainly now for their self-releases - Rocksector Records and Blaze Bayley Recording.


Absolva - this band includes my two sons, Chris Appleton and Luke Appleton, plus Martin Mcnee and Karl Schramm. Formed in 2012 and has emerged as one of the brightest British Metal standard bearers ever since.

Blaze Bayley started out with Wolfsbane, found global fame as singer of Iron Maiden (1994-1999), before embarking on a solo career for which I'm now entrusted with tour management (since 2013) and general management (since 2016). The musicians in Absolva also double-up as Blaze's touring and recording band so as you can see we're a very tight working unit.



I'm a musician (guitarist), since early teenage years and although I believe I'm competent, I haven't yet contributed anything you will have heard of in terms of musicianship or composition. At age 58 (in 2020) I have an underlying ambition to release at least one album in my own name before I retire or die. I also believe I've had a colourful enough life to make an interesting story and so, encouraged by family and friends, my second underlying ambition is to write my autobiography. So, I hope I will be writing a book. Whether I have the drive and time management skills to deliver on these two very personal ambitions remains to be seen, especially where Absolva and Blaze are my priorities. However, I'm optimistic!


To quote one of my most cherished inspirations, the late Neil Peart of my all-time favourite band, Rush -

"The future disappears into memory, with only a moment between,
Forever dwells in that moment, hope is what remains to be seen"

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